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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 30, 2009 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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>> the best part is he hit and the onlookers laughed! look at the person, oh, no! >> where is romeo now? is he okay? okay. he's okay. >> join us for the after the show show. >> clayton: other footage, we couldn't show you, "fox & friends."com, right now. >> eric: this is a "fox news alert," a warning this morning from former vice president dick cheney. he says that the prosecution of cia agents over enhanced interrogation of terror suspects is putting or nation's security at risk. in an explosive and exclusive interview with "fox news sunday" host chris wallace, mr. cheney called the investigation, quote, an outrageous political act. and he says he has serious doubts about president obama and his -- in his words, is prepared to do what needs to be done to protect the nation. saying the obama administration should be debriefing cia
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interrogators about keeping the country safe, not punishing them. >> we asked... sometimes people put their own lives at risk and do so at the direction of the president, they do so with the, in the case we have specific legal authority from the justice department and they are now going to be subject to being investigated an prosecuted by the next administration, nobody is going to sign up with those kinds of missions. it's a very, very devastating up thing it has on the morale inside the intelligence community. >> eric: the former vice president had a lot more to say about what he calls the politics behind the cia probes and how america's safety, he says, is being put in jeopardy by the investigation. and fox news sunday, chris wallace will join us live in a few minutes to talk about the exclusive interview with mr. cheney, and that is later this afternoon. >> jamie: and good morning,
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another "fox news alert." there are brand new pictures of an out of control wildfire that has been raging in southern california. and in just 24 hours, the last 24 hours, this fire has nearly tripled in size. fueled by triple-digit heat and winds. and is now threatening 10,000 homes, as firefighters struggle to get control of the flames. the growing inferno burning in the mountains just above los angeles, and is in a rugged, isolated terrain now and is making it difficult for fire crews, who are of course keeping a close eye and you can see the video, that these are devastating fires, and potentially, harming many people and homes and we'll bring you the latest details. >> eric: we start with new concerns being raised about president obama's massive plan to overhaul health care, taking a blow and republican senator from wyoming says the democrats'
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proposal will, quote, actually make our nation's finances sicker and he says, raid medicare and good morning, everyone, on this sunday morning, i'm eric sean. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby, senator enzi of one of three republicans who have been willing to consider a bipartisan bill in the senate and he's now thinking twice. senate leader harry reid says he want a bipartisan deal, if possible and other top democrats continue to say if the gospel doesn't agree to reform the way the president wants it, democrats will -- and harry reid said himself, go it alone. caroline shivley, live in washington. >> eric: so let's start with this, how significant do you think the remarks are by the senator this morning? >> reporter: i think it is significant, eric because it comes from enzi and if it was one of the other 39 republicans in the senate it would be a blow but not that big of a deal but
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he's one of the guys at the table. listening to him describing democrats' efforts in the g.o.p. internet address this weekend. >> both the president and the democratic controlled congress will reject the go it alone path they are currently on. if they do, we'll have a chance to truly work on a real bill, that will address those critical issues. >> reporter: did you hear enzi call it a go it alone path and democrats disagreed that that is their goal and he's one of the republicans trying to negotiate the bipartisan deal. and the gang of six is said to have a teleconference on friday, before lawmaker get back to washington, september 8th, we will see if they can hand out anything, so far avenue months and months of negotiations they have miss aid lot of deadlines and the next deadline is september 15th eric. >> julie: >> eric: it seems to be disheartening in their -- and comes after senator kennedy's death, and of course that affects the vote count but also, the democrats have lost' leader in health care reform. >> reporter: certainly he was
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one of the leading forces in health care reform for 40 year at least, and it is also key votes, the democrats and independents of one shy of 60, the magic number to block the filibuster from republicans and last week harry reid said, teddy is dead and i'm stuck on bipartisanship and if we can't get a bipartisan bill through, we'll go with a partisan one though he doesn't want to do that and if he goes the partisan route he has to use a senate rule that lets you push through a vote with a simple majority and republicans don't like the idea. >> eric: and public outrage, across the country and firestorm if they move to that. and a lot of people, caroline, asking this morning, why the rush? talking about getting something passed, you said, in september, why is not wait until later on this year, or really work on something that would be a bipartisan bill. >> reporter: well, they want to hurry, for one thing are pressed by constituents on both sides and there was a rally times square yesterday and we have
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seen this town hall people against the democratic reform efforts as well and lawmakers could wait until massachusetts voters pick kennedy's replacement, which would most likely be a democrat and that is too close for comfort, to the midterm elections and don't want to make this voters in the states angry and after the elections, polls indicate the democratic majority will shrink and plenty of democrats on capitol hill are thinking it is now or never. >> eric: not a done deal by far, not yet. caroline shivley in washington with the latest on the efforts to pass health care. >> jamie: and a week before congress returns to washington voters show no let-up in the heated town hall, you have seen them and members of congress are holding them during the august break, especially for one georgia democrat, david scott of the atlanta area who has seen his share of feisty town haulers, and listen to the address-down he got from one frustrated constituent, just the other day. >> we're adding $2 trillion to the deficit, and just added --
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your estimates are wrong by 2 trodz where will you cut spending? are you going to raise my taxes? i make 60,000 aids year. there are so many people in the world now, on public dole, you don't have solutions, are not presenting real solutions. thank you. [applause]. >> air fanned balance understand would usually hear the congressman's response and you certainly did, and congressman scott had nothing to say this time, eric. >> eric: the debate over health care, led to a new dispute, over what you see on television. have you heard about this? abc and nbc, re-jack and ad that criticized the current health care reform proposal. abc called the ads partisan and said the network has a longstanding policy of not airing partisan advertisements.
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and here's the ad, see what you think. >> plan covers 50 million new patients, without naming doctors and it can't, it will hurt our seniors and medicare as we know it. limit life-saving medicines. and impose long delays on cancer treatment and other vital services. it is happening. >> eric: here's the commercial and we'll talk to the league of american voters, coming up in the next hour, they are folks who brought that you commercial, and wait until you hear what they have to say, about the boycott, remember the abc hour in health care from the white house, we'll get his take on the new simmering dispute. >> jamie: in the past week, two catholic bishops started to publicly share their concerns about the democrats' health care reform plan and you'll remember that this is a big switch from a month ago when the catholic bishop said they supported the health reform plan they had heard about so far and at the
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u.s. conference of bishops in july, that is where the group pretty much offered its support of the universal health care, something that they have wanted for months. but, now they changed their mind and jonathan marks is going to be joining us shortly to tell us a little bit about the new messages coming from the bishop. stay tuned for that. >> eric: we have a fox news alert, libyan terrorist and the oil deal. "the times" of london reporting this morning prime minister gordon brown's government released abdel basset mohamed al-megrahi, the only person convicted of the lockerbie bombing of the pan am flight 103, a deal they say for oil, not for compassion. because he had prostate cancer as they are claim and that is according to new government correspondence and letters dealing with the government ministries there and the latest developments and more outrage for the families of the 270 people, who were killed aboard pan am flight 103, flying to new
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york and with us now, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and a fox news contributor, ambassador john bolten with his take, good morning, always good to see you. >> good morning, glad to be here. >> do you think there was a deal. >> well, the evidence at the time of the -- london has is -- "the times" of london has are two letters, from jack straw the then justice secretary in the u.k. government, basically saying that what he called in his letter overwhelming british interest should dictate that abdel basset mohamed al-megrahi the terrorist would be covered by an agreement they were working on, with libya, prisoner transfers and shortly after that, shift in position by jack straw, libya approved a very significant deal for british petroleum and it's important to understand, jack straw had been foreign secretary in the blair government, just a few years before, and he was somebody in the multi-involved in british foreign relations, entertaining
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to the scottish authority -- explaining to the scottish authorities what was going an and it is as dispositive evidence, about as much as you can get, there was a release the terrorist deal here. >> eric: it was a $24 billion deal, and we have seen it before and oil for food, with saddam hussein, and the claims they -- basically, france, russia, were -- and china were bribed to support saddam hussein and i remember asking kofi annan about that and what they're economic interests and how do they affect national interests, especially with something like this? >> one of libya's principal objectives four or five years ago was to break out of the sanctions the united states and others had imposed on his regime, for his terrorist activities over the years including the destruction 103 over lockerbie and all of this was really tied together. but, the amazing thing is the british government which has been denying these past several
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weeks that it had anything to do with the scottish decision to release abdel basset mohamed al-megrahi, the person convicted of blowing up pan am 103, now this letters have come to lighted i think they'll see a political firestorm in england where the government had been denying that oil or british investments in libya had anything to do with it, could have -- >> eric: could it bring done the government of gordon brown. >> i don't think so. i don't think this opposition want to bring the government down now. i think it is already in difficult shape and the british elections, it -- that will have to be held early next year, i think brown is already in trouble and it adds to a really dismal political situation there but i think it will have an effect on u.s.-british relations, because the families of the american victims have felt so strongly about abdel basset mohamed al-megrahi's release and you know, we have libyan leader moammar gadhafi coming to new york for the opening of the u.n. general assembly in a few weeks. >> eric: he'll be here and --
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will be here, sitting on the security council righted along president obama and remember abdel basset mohamed al-megrahi, she video of him coming off the plane and "the new york times," gadhafi's son, is denying there is a deal or quid pro quo, he says, there was no hero's welcome. there was not a single government official present. so from the libyan point of view, the reception given to mr. megrahi was lowkey. had it been an official welcome there would have been tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people at the airport. in the "new york times," this morning, from gadhafi's son, do you buy that? >> well, i think that the real kicker in that article is where he says, it is true we didn't mention abdel basset mohamed al-megrahi by name in the discussions. but the issue was always there, on the table. and that is really the way it is done. there is not going to be a documented signed by a brit, or
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a libyan saying we'll release abdel basset mohamed al-megrahi if you will give us the oil deal. it was done with winks and nods and understandings and i think the surfacing of these two letters in the media in great britain indicates there is more to come here, so i think the story is going to keep rolling right along, right up until moammar gadhafi arrives in new york. >> eric: and we'll be covering that when he is here at the u.n. and i know we'll be calling on you, the star ory is far from o, former ambassador to the united nations, john boenlt, thank you. >> thank you. >> jamie: in an exclusive interview former vice president dick cheney tells the obama administration, get off the cia's back and let them do their job and chris wallace joins to us talk about the scluch and interesting interview with the former vice president, and, dick cheney, believe the white house is putting our nation's security at risk. >> eric: the chilling and unbelievable story of this little girl, she vanished almost
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two decades ago and now, we are hearing, the only the beginning, the kidnappers' alleged crimes and they are searching the home, now, looking for evidence, that may connect him to several unsolved murders, could he be a serial killer. >> jamie: a possible government takeover of the web? yep part of a new bill making its way through the senate, could give president obama complete control of private networks. how it is possible? we'll explain, next. sited %%%%%%%%%%%% %
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sited. >> julie: you've heard about this, the opening story, police expanding the crime scene for the bizarre and creepy kidnapping of the little girl, in california.
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she's jaycee lee dugard, snatched off the streets back in 1991. and as she waited for a school bus. and, investigators are now searching the house that belonged to the neighbor of the prime suspect in the case, phillip garrido and they'll see if he could be tied to ten serial killings of women back in the 1990s and the body of one of the young women found dumped at a junkyard that he once worked at. and garrido and his wife are charged with kidnapping, when jaycee was only 11 and holding her captive in that elaborate backyard compound of tents, sheds and fences that no one knew about, and authorities even investigated and never found her. and what police say, he -- when police say he raped her as a young girl, holding her as a sex slave and fathering two children by her and those children are now 15 and 11 years old. >> and a fox news aler and
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exclusive you will see here, former vice president dick cheney on "fox news sunday" and he telling our chris wallace the attorney general, eric holder's review of cia interrogations and practices, one that he announced he will pursue, is, quoted, very, very devastating, and it could, mr. cheney says, put this country's security at risk. let's listen: >> this is a political move, not a law enforcement move. >> absolutely. i think the fact. >> chris: the justice department has already reviewed these intelligence reports, five years ago. and now, they are dragging it back up again and holder is going to go back and review it again, supposedly, to try to find some evidence of wrongdoing. by a cia person them. and you know, a review is never going to be final any more. we could have somebody, some future administration, come along, ten years from now, 15 years from now, and go back, and
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rehash. all of these decisions by an earlier administration. >> joining me is this host of fox news sunday, chris wallace, chris, great to see you, good morning. >> chris: thank you, jamie. >> jamie: chris, that was the key question in my mind as well. law enforcement issue or political maneuver, because the just department came out with the very well-known memo which detailed approved interrogation techniques which were followed and we have not heard about techniques really outside of what was approved. it is also pretty clear that the techniques used yielded evidence that kept us safe on home turf. our soil in the u.s. and there were investigations, weren't there, into cia operatives and only one was actually charged and is serving type and that was a contractor, someone outside of the cia. why, is it not a "been there done that" open and shut case? why go back. >> chris: that is exact this
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point the vice president was making. now, i want to be clear, we are not talking about the enhanced interrogation program specifically when attorney general holder has done is appointed a prosecutor, not to prosecute but to look into about two dozen cases where cia offices or as you point out, contractors went beyond the legal authorization, in one case waved a gun at one of these detainees or waved a -- didn't use them, waved them, mock executions and all of this came out of the cia inspector general's reported in 2004 and the point cheney is making is it went to the justice department and career prosecutors and to the u.s. attorney's office in eastern virginia, and two separate investigations, they looked at this and except in the one case you pointed out, where a contractor beat a detainee who ended up dying, they decided there was nothing to prosecute. barack obama said we will not do
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that and now attorney general holder went back and opened the way, not necessarily to prosecutions but at least for an investigation. and what vice president cheney and -- i have never seen him as angry and unplugged as he was, he basically is saying, look, these people signed up for a -- they were reviewed and exonerated and now a new administration wants to look at it. >> jamie: the only frame of reference i have is as an attorney, and if you bring an investigation and do find charges and try and don't convict, you cannot go back again, it is called double jeopardy, why doesn't the same standard apply and if there was any wrongdoing, why shouldn't it be hand by the cia and leon panetta would be all over it and now he has to reassure the optives to keep america safe. >> chris: it was not double jeopardy because it was not a
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prosecution and they looked at it and decided not to prosecuted and in terms of discipline you are exactly rieft and the faght and the cia looked it and the agents that went beyond the aut sfla -- authorization were discipline and we are talking 2004-05 and a number of officers and the agency which is more important than the individuals, felt, you know, we have been there, we have examined it and cleaned up our acted and it has been dealt with and now they are starting all over again. >> jamie: i always encourage people to watch your program but can't encourage people enough on this one, this is the only place where you will get the information, and i think if every american wants to remain safe, they should make themselves aware as they have with health care, by coming out and -- town halls on this issue, of the cia operatives and we will talk to one, coming up, in the next hour. about what the chilling effects could potentially be on these operatives trying to do their job.
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>> chris: well, that is exactly right. and that is -- what it really boils down to, as far as dick cheney is concerned, it's all about keeping the country safe and he said, repeatedly, we did it. we kept the country safe, for almost 8 years, and instead of coming to us, and saying the obama administration, instead of coming to us and saying to the cia, how do you do it, and how do we keep the record up, what do we do they are sending a prosecutor to investigate the matter, against the bottom line and it is dangerous and endangers the security of the country. >> jamie: thank for being all over the this issue, i think it is important and appreciate it as our viewers do as well and you have to watch, the exclusive interview, chris has with former vice president dick cheney, tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern, here on the fox news channel, of course, check your local listings, chris, thank you so much. >> chris: thank you. >> eric: georgia police called it an horrific crime scene, 7 people found slaughtered in a mobile home and two others are critically injured and
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>> eric: a "fox news alert," look at the picture on the right, sunday morning out west in the mountains around los angeles, raging wildfires continue and they are not being tempered, what is expected to be 100 degree temperatures and very strong winds. in the past 24 hours the fires tripled in size and in fact, warranted an evacuation of 1,000 homes and could be' danger to 10,000 more homes and breaking out in the early morning hours on the west coast and we'll stay on the story as it continues throughout the morning and the continuing problem of the dry tinderland and soil out


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